Sandy was designed for extended coastal cruising in such areas as the east coasts of the U.S. or Australia, the Pacific Northwest, or Europe. Conditions in coastal waters can vary enormously, and include a range of conditions including storms, vast shallows, strong tides, and long canals with limited clearance.

Sandy's design is a careful compromise that meets these demands. Her shallow draft of 2'-3 1/2" with centerboard up allows access to many shallow anchorages and canals, while her draft of over 4' with board down ensures good windward performance. Hull speed is 6 knots, and her generous beam, hefty external ballast casting of 2100 lbs, and raised topsides ensure good initial and ultimate stability.

Sandy has a buoyant hull, and will prove to be a dry boat on deck in moderate seas, and not be easily pooped or overwhelmed in moderate conditions. Her displacement of 6500 lbs is in cruising trim, calculated to include a full complement of equipment and stores.

Sandy's gaff rig keeps the center of effort low and her mast short, while the boomed staysail eases tacking in crowded channels or anchorages. Her topsail enhances light air performance, bringing Sandy's total sail area to 414 sq. ft. Sail is easily shortened when the wind pipes up, and she'll balance well under main or single-reefed main and jib, or double-reefed main and staysail.

Sandy shared top honors for a professional design in the 1997 Classic Boat Design Competition, calling for an auxiliary sailing yacht capable of traveling from Scotland to Greece including passage through the French canals.

LOA: 23' - 1"

LWL: 20' - 0"

BEAM: 8' - 1.5"

DRAFT: 2' - 3.5" to 4' - 3.5"

DISP: 6500 lb

BALLAST: 2100 lb

D/L: 360


Boomless staysail:

358 sq. ft (working)

414 sq. ft (total)

Boomed staysail

345 sq. ft. (working)

401 sq. ft. (total)


water: 40 gal

fuel: 20 gal

Below are two accommodation plans for Sandy. Both provide a snug galley, comfortable lounging space and bunks, either for 2 + 1 child, or for 4, and a head.

Sandy construction plan. Sandy is designed to be strip planked over steamed or laminated frames.

All plans are sold as PDFs. These are high-resolution files, and the same as I would use to print the drawings if I were to send paper copies. Why PDFs? Because this eliminates the cost and hassle of shipping, and allows you to print extra copies as needed during the build (and you will need to after a few epoxy, 5200, and coffee spills). They can be printed at most good copy shops.

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