Wynfall is a small but capable cruising boat -- although only 26' long, she has a waterline of almost 24', and displaces 9500 lbs.

Although this is an older design -- we built the prototype for Wynfall in the Pacific Northwest, launching her over 30 years ago (!) -- I still offer the plans because she is such a fine boat. I cruised and lived aboard her at various times, and she proved a success in every way: well balanced and responsive, with a good turn of speed. She is also comfortable, having a remarkable amount of living and storage space, and an easy motion.

Various boats have been built to the Wynfall design. One (Katla, built in Portugal), has made two Atlantic crossings.

Wynfall Particulars

LOA: 26' - 5"

LWL: 23' - 10"

BEAM: 8' - 10"

DRAFT: 3' - 10" (keel)

2' - 10" (cb)

DISP: 9500 lbs

BALLAST: 3300 lbs

D/L: 343


Gaff: 466 sq. ft.

Berm: 430 sq. ft


Water: 75 GAL

Fuel: 30 GAL

Headroom: Sitting (5'+)

Options: Gaff or Bermudan rig, keel or centerboard, long or short cabin trunk

Layout options

Construction: Wynfall can be carvel or strip planked.

Construction drawings (keel version). Wynfall can be carvel or strip planked

Centerboard version drawings


Buying plans

All plans are sold as PDFs. These are high-resolution files, and the same as I would use to print the drawings if I were to send paper copies. Why PDFs? Because this eliminates the cost and hassle of shipping, and allows you to print extra copies as needed during the build (and you will need to after a few epoxy, 5200, and coffee spills). They can be printed at most good copy shops.

Payment options

  • The simplest: via PayPal, using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Just use the buttons below. Note that you don't need a PayPal account to pay via credit or debit card.

  • Payment by check: I can accept checks in US dollars drawn on US banks. Please send the check to me at the following address: Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs, 244 Heffalump Lane, Lopez, WA 98261 USA. Note: when paying by check, informing me of your order by email (mark@woodenboatdesigns.com) will speed up processing!

  • Bank transfer: I can accept payments in US dollars and a few other currencies. Send me an email to inquire.

Wynfall Study Plans - just $10

If you're seriously interested I encourage you to order study plans. These include 6 sheets of drawings (sent as high-resolution PDFs. exactly the same as the building plans), and the Construction Guide, all for just $10.

These will be emailed to you, usually within 24 hours of your order.

Choose study plans on the drop down menu, and choose your payment option.

Wynfall Building Plans - $150

The plans for Wynfall include numerous sheets of various sizes, depending on the version you have select. These are high resolution pdf files, and I will email them to you, usually within 24 hours of your order.

Select your keel preference (keel or centerboard) using the drop down menu at right.