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Plans for wooden boats

Providing plans for wooden boats, carvel and wood/epoxy  construction

The Olga 31 is a stretched version of my Olga 28 design. The Olga 31's outboard is mounted on a swim step or at the transom. 

An expanded cabin is also an option.   

Coming Soon: Simplicity 35 with inside ballast

The new version features simpler construction that eliminates casting a lead keel. 

  Photos from builders around the world 

In North Carolina Sytse Douna has launched his Olga 28. More photos and details on the Olga (28 and 31) page.  

Above: in July 2022, in Belgium, Jan Saey launched his NS29 Cajuro.   She's still being rigged, more photos to come.

Above: in June 2022, at the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Paul Thompson's Kahuna Seven Stars won BEST IN SHOW, OWNER-BUILT SAIL. A fitting prize for a stunning job of building.  

Above: The helm station on Sytse's Olga 28.

Designs under development  New sail and power designs 

Simplicity 28

Sea Lion

Deck construction and interior for a 32' Lyle Hess cutter 

Making changes to an existing boat, or to a set of plans?

I can help with repowering, hull and rudder changes and repairs, and new interiors.

I can also provide advice if you are buying a boat, used or new. 

Hull and ama modifications for a 40' trimaran