Austral was a custom design for Chris and Penny Morton, who built their boat An Old Captivity in Australia. She fell into disrepair after they sold her, and is now being rebuilt (photos below). 

Austral is a moderately heavy boat (11,000 lbs), with a displacement/length ration of 307. Just over a third of her weight (3,850 lbs) is in ballast. Her displacement is calculated with a full complement of cruising gear. She is easily driven by the either gaff or Bermudan rig, both of which spread about 500 of working sail. 

Austral is designed to be strip planked, with fiberglass sheathing or veneer overlay. 


These show the rebuilding of An Old Captivity by Russ Jackson in Tasmania 


Buying plans

All plans are sold as PDFs. These are high-resolution files, and the same as I would use to print the drawings if I were to send paper copies. Why PDFs? Because this eliminates the cost and hassle of shipping, and allows you to print extra copies as needed during the build (and you will need to after a few epoxy, 5200, and coffee spills). They can be printed at most good copy shops.       

Payment options 

Austral Study Plans - just $10

If you're seriously interested I encourage you to order study plans. These include 8  sheets of drawings (sent as high-resolution PDFs. exactly the  same as the building plans), and the Construction Guide, all for just $10.

These will be emailed to you, usually within 24 hours of your order. 

Choose study plans on the drop down menu, and choose your payment option. 

Austral Building Plans - $250 

The plans for Austral include 18 sheets of drawings. These are high resolution pdf files, and I will email them to you, usually within 24 hours of your order. 

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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale

Plans sold by Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs are subject to the following conditions:

1. Copyright in all plans and associated information remains with Wooden Boat Designs LLC. Purchase of a set of plans gives the buyer the right to use the information on those plans to build one vessel.

2. Plans are sold with the understanding that only one boat will be built from any given plan set. Builders wishing to construct additional vessels should contact Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs prior to commencing construction.

3. Builders are responsible for any changes made from the plans without prior approval from Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs.

4. The liability of Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs and Wooden Boat Designs LLC is limited to the price paid for the plans.

5. The fee charged for stock building plans includes consultation to clarify questions regarding the plans and advice on the construction of the vessel, but does not include personal supervision, or design additions or alterations. 


All study and construction plans are sold as electronic versions only. They are sent to the purchaser via email, generally within 48 hours, upon notification from PayPal of a successful purchase.