Wooden Boat Plans 


The OLGA 28 and 31 are trailerable power cruisers constructed with plywood and epoxy. The design was inspired by the classic power boats of the Pacific Northwest, while the construction takes advantage of modern materials to produce a lightweight, easily maintained boat. If you've been considering trailerable trawlers or small tugs, consider these designs. They offer excellent performance and efficiency in a beautiful package. 

Options available 

Cruising Sail

23' cruising cutter with centerboard. Strip planked construction over steamed or laminated frames.

26' cruising cutter, keel or centerboard. Construction options include carvel and strip planking, with gaff or bermudan rig. A very seaworthy boat, one has has crossed the Atlantic twice.  

A 29' full keel cruising cutter, gaff or Bermudan rig. 

A centerboard cruising cutter. Strip and veneer construction, gaff or Bermudan rig. 

A 32' cruising cutter. Construction options include carvel, strip and strip + veneer. Gaff or Bermudan rig. Boats are sailing in Australia and the US, with a number under construction.  

34' Pilothouse Cutter

A simple, sturdy boat for cruising in remote waters.  Strip planked over laminated frames, with a steel box keel. Ample tankage and stowage. 

A centerboard cruising boat for plywood/epoxy construction. Gaff or Bermudan rig options.  

A 38' cruising cutter, with pilothouse option (shown). Construction is strip planking with veneer overlay. Gaff or Bermudan rig. A wonderful cruising boat and home afloat. Under construction in the US.