Plan and Boat Alterations

Do you have an old design you really like but want to build using modern techniques? Or perhaps need a new interior or rig? I can help. 

Hess 32

The drawings below are recent (2020) work I did for Steven Brouwer of Hunter Bay Woodworking here on Lopez Island. Steven is building a stunning 32' cutter to a design by Lyle Hess, but wasn't happy with the interior than was drawn. The drawings show the new interior and deck arrangement, as well as a slightly modified rig.  Have a careful look at the drawings and the photos .... this will be a very special boat.    

Sail and deck plan for Hess 32 

40' Trimaran Potlatch

Potlatch started life as a 36' trimaran designed by Hedley Nicole. She has been owned for many years by my friends Michael and Kandis McNulty, who sailed her around the world 25 years ago with their two sons. I got to know them while we were both cruising in New Zealand and Australia. Trimaran design has come a long way since Potlatch was designed, and Michael requested that I advise on modifications to improve speed and handling. We extended both the amas and main hull (at bow and stern), and modified the rudder and keel.  The goals were to reduce drag, improve balance and steering, and increase buoyancy.  It worked beautifully. She now steers with two fingers instead of taking both arms, is some 25% faster, and easily catches the ocean swell in her home waters of Hawaii. The photos show the results: a completely new boat.   

The original design by Hedley Nicole.

Potlatch before the modifications

The new Potlatch